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Clearing the Way for In-App Transparency

To deliver on the potential of automated buying and selling in the in-app space, advertisers, publishers and our industry as a whole are doubling down on transparency initiatives that make it harder for issues like fraud to take root and restore the faith in the good actors. Here’s a look…

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Dbrief on DMEXCO

Last week marked my return to the non-Brexiting part of Europe in several years to attend DMEXCO. My assumption is that most operations people really don’t know a lot about DMEXCO other than Germany is a funny place to go to something that sounds like it belongs in Latin America.…

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Invasion of the First-Price Auctions

With all the hubbub about first-price auctions taking over the real-time bidding ecosystem, I don’t think there’s been enough talk about why the second-price auction is currently the standard bearer. That’s why I was exhilarated when Univision’s Eyal Ebel brought the point up at our recent Meetup on the current…

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