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Tally Up This OMS Requirements Scorecard

With Google’s Doubleclick Sales Manager (DSM) closing shop in 2019, many a publisher is scrambling to find and integrate a replacement order management system. The other week PGA Tour was kind enough to share a timeline for OMS migration, but I’m sure some of you said, “That’s great, but I'm still…

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Get Scheduled: A Timeline for OMS Migration

With Google's DoubleClick Sales Manager riding off into the sunset in 2019, OMS migration is high on the minds of publishers across the digital mediascape. (We've even got a commiseration session about it at PubForum Portland in a few weeks.) Migration management is all about reducing pain, and nothing quite…

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A Road Map For OMS Migrations

We know some of you are still patting yourselves on the back for coming out the other end of the GDPR launch unscathed, but this is ad tech, folks—the next crisis is always coming sooner than you expect. The sunsetting of Google's order management system DSM means an order management…

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Sending Out an SOS on OMS

Maybe others saw the signs before I did, but I’ll admit to being surprised this past summer when Google announced it would be sunsetting DoubleClick Sales Manager (DSM) in 2019. On top of all the other major challenges they’re facing right now—GDPR, ads.txt, contextual relevance, Facebook, etc.—more than a hundred…

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