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Digital Fulcrum (APS) Teams Up With TagMan

  Tag management provider TagMan has found an ally in Digital Fulcrum, the company that provides the consulting muscle for AdMonsters Professional Services. Through an exclusive strategic partnership, TagMan has integrated Digital Fulcrum's Ghostwriter technology, a web performance optimization tool aimed at publishers as well as marketers. With Ghostwriter, TagMan's…

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3 Pillars of Success: People

We introduced the 3 Pillars of Success (People, Process and Technology) several weeks ago, to ultimately discuss each one in detail, and in my opinion, the People Pillar is the most important pillar.  With fantastic people in your organization, you can overcome just about anything.  Whether it is a lack of…

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Component Level Real-User Monitoring

GhostWriter lets you prioritize when and how you load third-party content, like ads. Your users see what they’re looking for sooner which increases engagement and improves your search engine rankings.One of the ways it does this is by introducing a smarter replacement for the standard document.write method. Couple this intelligent…

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3 Pillars of Success

For many of you, this is not new, but it is definitely true and worth repeating.  For any project or organization to be successful, there must be the right balance of People, Process and Technology. As Ad Operations professionals, you are constantly faced with doing more with less and are far…

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