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How Do I Know Data Is Quality?

Third-party data can be used to fill in the gaps of your first-party data, such as qualifying leads or modeling lookalike audiences. A combination of both data types helps you engage better with your current customers, and also get your message in front of new ones. But third-party data has…

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Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Vendors

How ad technology vendors capture, monitor and use data can have a tremendous impact on their success. Let’s look at seven practices that can transform a vendor’s data collection processes and business model for the better.1. Invest in Data Operations TalentIn my last blog entry on the metamorphosis of the…

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Using Simple Scripts to Acquire Vendor Rich Media Data

As anyone who has had to pull data from rich media providers knows, the process can be tedious and error prone and the reporting interfaces tend to be cumbersome. Many Ad Ops teams wait until the end of the month to reconcile serving discrepancies. Unfortunately that means that any significant…

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