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Addressable TV: The New Kid in Town

There was a lot of talk at the recent Cannes Lions Festival about addressable TV advertising. What will this mean for decision makers and those entrusted with operations on both the buy and sell side of the business? First: Digesting Alphabet Soup As traditional ad-supported linear television morphs into a…

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What Is a CDP?

CDP might sound like another martech or adtech acronym that will make its way into obscurity, but in a post-GDPR world where first-party relationships will be vital to survival, the Consumer Data Platform (CDP) is the ultimate tool for true consumer identity resolution. During his presentation, “All You Need Is…

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How to Use a CDP for Successful Audience Targeting

Delivering relevant and contextual content and truly targeted advertising is a big challenge. Often it's a problem of not using the right tools in the right way. Andrew Beehler, Sr. Manager Programmatic & Yield Operations at Digital Trends shares how to integrate the usefulness of a CDP with the best…

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