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Cookie Synching

Editor's note: This article was originally posted on the Krux Digital Blog.Overview Cookies are the primary mechanism by which publishers, advertisers, ad networks, ad exchanges, demand side platforms and data exchanges store and track information about users. Cookies are domain specific — in other words, a Cookie set by domain…

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Thoughts on Last Week’s Network Ad Ops Forum

Last week, AdMonsters hosted our second EU Network Ad Ops Forum. This event is quite unique with it's focus specifically on the ad operations issues for those who manage networks. It's a new event but the attendees showed themselves to be true "monsters" diving into the discussions, sharing best practices,…

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The Secret Sauce

The United Kingdom has been at the cutting edge of digital advertising for a number of years, a harbinger of technology adoption and industry growth trends across the rest of Europe and the world. This has benefits and challenges. Robust adoption rates and forward-thinking customers means greater revenue opportunities, but…

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Democratizing Access to Display

As we all know, display advertising can be operationally difficult across numerous elements. For advertisers, complexities arise in buying inventory, reaching the right users, and understanding the effectiveness of campaigns. With the proliferation of ad networks (over 600 globally), it’s not getting any easier. And the media industry continues to…

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The Real Opportunity of Ad Exchanges

It may have been so in the past, but for today’s publishers, exchanges should not be seen simply as a platform for selling your non-guaranteed inventory.  They are fast becoming a solution to enable you to further develop your business whilst helping to maximise your sell-through rates and increase your…

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The Next Generation Digital Media Agency

We asked Martin Kelly, co-founder of Infectious Media and our keynote speaker at the Network Ad Ops Forum in London July 15th to summarize his presentation: The next big shift in the market is coming and the industry needs to be prepared. Just as auction model platforms have revolutionised and…

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