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Download our 3rd-Party Code Playbook Now

At some point in the history of the Internet, someone placed code on their website that called an external third party to help it deliver content or provide functionality for that website. A digital miracle? Well, perhaps that’s taking it too far, but still imagine for a second how liberating…

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The Ad Ops Pat Down: The Creative QA Process

Imagine being head of security at a stadium that holds several hundred events during the year. You are responsible for the safety of each person entering the stadium and for ensuring nothing happens that might lead to a lawsuit. Obviously you can't afford to let any weapons in no matter…

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Operative: Q4’s Impact on Ad Ops Professionals

A few weeks ago, we posted a poll asking ad ops professionals to tell us how they were handling the Q4 traffic deluge. Our poll asked ten questions and went into the nitty gritty of how ad operations teams deal with high volume seasons. We are posting the full results…

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