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The True Programmatic Setup: A Talk With Smart AdServer and Genesis Media

Through a piece of Javascript installed in a publisher's content management system, Genesis Media tracks more than 100 signals to evaluate user attention for real-time ad decisioning. Genesis uses that data to customize ad experiences by page, and leverages Smart AdServer piping to match brands to consumers through outstream video formats. We…

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Header Bidding Is a Game Changer for Smaller Publishers

My company, Gladly, has a unique perspective on the ad industry as both an ad network helping publishers monetize their audience, and as a publisher of our own small/medium website, Tab for a Cause, that sees roughly 40 million monthly banner ad impressions. In our experience, small publishers in particular…

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Secret Society Debates the Future of Television Advertising

“Programmatic TV is taking longer than we thought,” says Mitch Oscar as he gestures toward a cartoon featuring a group of confused cavemen, a favorite theme of his and probably an apt analogy for most advertising professionals.The jam-packed boardroom in Turner’s offices at the Time Warner building shares a chuckle…

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IAB Proposes a LEAN Takeover

All your standard units are LEAN now.That was the gist of the IAB’s unveiling of its new Standard Ad Unit Portfolio, now available for draft comment. Pretty much every standard display unit is being replaced by a flexible LEAN (Light, Encrypted, Ad-Choice Supported, Non-Invasive) unit, and the famous/infamous Rising Stars…

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