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The Persistence of Malware

The ever-changing digital advertising ecosystem has one constant: Malware. Vigilance is the onus of every publisher. Securing the digital advertising ecosystem is easier said than done. The malware emergency du jour differs—this year’s phishing scams and scroll jacking could have been last year’s mobile redirects and app auto-installs. Meanwhile, users…

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AdMonsters Playbook: Optimizing Video Advertising

While video advertising is still a growing revenue center for most digital publishers, much has changed over the last six years. Intriguing new formats such as outstream have allowed online publishers to additional inventory and new video distribution channels have provided content creators methods to inhabit new platforms and thus…

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AdMonsters PubForum Montreal: The Live Blog

(While it's fun to journey to the past... Why not sign up for the next PubForum, November 2017 in Nashville?) The AdMonsters team has successfully made it to Montreal for the 42nd Publisher Forum--which means as much as any of us has misbehaved in the past, evidently it wasn't incriminating…

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AdMonsters NYC Meetup: Where the Header Heads Next

Registration for this event is now closed. (September 11, 2017, 2:30 PM) 5:30 PM — 8:30 PM Amazon Publisher Services 7 W 34th St New York, NY 10001 Is the age of the header already coming to a close? Not a chance—header integrations have just hit a new stage of…

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Chrome Gets Into the Ad Blocking Business for Real

A few months back, Google announced it would be equipping an ad blocker—or something like an ad blocker, maybe more like an ad filter—into newer versions of Chrome. The new Chrome feature would filter out ads deemed overly intrusive to the user experience. At the time, Google suggested it would…

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Could Chatbots Kill the Search Advertising Star?

I can’t say I was surprised by findings from research firm L2 Marketing that Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa is more likely to push Amazon Prime products on users seeking a variety of wares. There’s nothing scandalous in that—if I had an Alexa, I’d probably want it to look for Prime…

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Understanding AI’s Potential in Digital Media

Science fiction turns fact—the term artificial intelligence seems ubiquitous at the moment, whether it’s marketing technology firms boasting about superior processing power for campaign personalization or the coming singularity and robot apocalypse.Those of us in the trenches of the digital advertising world have become immune to the lure of buzzwords,…

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When the Rosé’s Over: Thoughts on Cannes

No, I didn't go to Cannes last week. Did I want to? Honestly, yachts and rosé have never been my thing (Cheap beer in a dirty rock club? Now you're talking my language), and the gladhanding awards bit makes me roll my eyes just thinking about it. Cannes used to…

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