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Live Blog: Publisher Forum Columbia Gorge

Today marks the hottest day of the year here outside of Portland at the Columbia Gorge. Today also marks our first day of sessions at Publisher Forum. Coincidence? Maybe. But, we like to think the blazing ad ops leaders in the house had something to do with the record heat.…

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Open Video Viewability: One Code to Assess Them All?

“We assert that a common interoperable technical approach to measurement is preferable to multiple, incompatible and non-standard technologies.”Thus reads the charter of the Open Video Viewability (OpenVV) project led by TubeMogul in conjunction with 25-odd ad technology and measurement providers (the latter includes Nielsen and DoubleVerify), most of them household…

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How Viable Is Video Viewability?

Fifty percent of pixels in view on the in-focus browser tab for two continous seconds. It doesn’t seem like a giant barrier to cross for a video ad to be considered in-view – and that was the point.Following the June 30 lifting of the Media Rating Council’s advisory against transacting…

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AdMonsters Meetup: Seattle

The game has changed: publishers are mastering the tools of private marketplaces and open RTB to push out holistic programmatic programs. At the same time, native advertising programs are driving interest and revenue from advertisers, but present new challenges in terms of bridging technologies and workflow. How do publishers strap…

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PubForum Profiles: Dennis Colon, Condé Nast

Thirteen years ago, Dennis Colon took a job at Conde Nast that no one else wanted. Now as Senior Director of Revenue and Advertising Operations, he’s a major force in the sweeping changes that have shook up the media giant’s revenue business in the last few years. In the video…

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Six Tasty Takeaways From AdMonsters’ Massive OPS Event

I have just emerged from my sensory deprivation chamber following AdMonsters’ June 10 OPS conference – the stimulation of more than 500 industry players roaming four floors devoted to native advertising, multiscreen and technology was too much to digest. Just before I went into shock, Content Czar Rob Beeler guided…

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The Ad Ops Investment: An Interview With OAO

It’s hard enough overseeing the ad operations tech stack and processes of one publisher; imagine juggling multiple publishers. But that’s exactly the mission companies like Outsourced Ad Ops (OAO) have taken on – and they have to do it well enough to be profitable and grow as a company. While…

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Mark Twain: The Original Ad Ops Guy

Improbably, this is going to be about American literature and advertising operations. Typically, most people think the only connection between these two things is that people who get a degree in the first are doomed to end up making a living at the second. But as it turns out, you…

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AdMonsters Meetup

Jumping on the audience extension train requires more than just adding a line item – our fireside conversation will examine the strategies and tactics behind getting an extension program running including: partnering with sales and developing marketing language; working with clients; selecting the appropriate partner (or partners); and campaign optimization. 

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