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Where User Experience and Ad Ops Collide

The latest wave of advertising is giving me some chilling flashbacks to the age of endless animated MySpace banners, pop-unders and other horrors of the aughts. Instead of learning from that assault of awfulness, digital advertising has somehow grown more intrusive and annoying – in-feed units, auto-play video (with sound?!?!),…

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The Skinny on Programmatic TV

For a while the term programmatic TV has been getting a lot of lip service in industry trades and conferences, but it’s also caused a great deal of head scratching. Turns out, programmatic TV is one of those vague catch-alls the industry loves (remember programmatic premium?) that covers several sorta-related…

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Mourning the Loss of Weather Company’s Curt Hecht

Digital media has lost a great talent with the passing of Curt Hecht, Global Chief Revenue Officer at The Weather Company, at the age of 47. A programmatic advertising pioneer, Hecht spent 24 years in a variety of roles Publicis Groupe before hopping the fence to the supply side. Before leaving…

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Three Major Themes at PubForum Charleston

Somehow I, Sir Casper of the Pasty People, escaped the South Carolina sun with only the slightest of burns on my ears and neck (yes, my redneck is so bad that I have to hide it with a mullet).Of course, I did spend the majority of the 36th American edition…

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AdMonsters Meetup: Ad Week New York 2015

Sept. 29 at Mansueto Venture's Headquarters – 7 World Trade Center, NYC. Tagless technology has taken the industry by storm, offering publishers impressive bumps in revenue. But there's still a great deal of mystery around it: how does it work, how do I integrate the tech, and why is it…

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Phones on Fire: Who Gets Burned by Mobile Ad Fraud?

A new report from fraud detection company Forensiq sounds the alarm on widespread and ostensibly new forms of mobile ad fraud. But a closer look at how advertisers are getting bilked shows that first responders here need to be not brands, but publishers and other app providers.Forensiq’s report does detail…

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