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Opportunities to Drive RevOps Efficiency

The quality vs. revenue debate is occurring with greater frequency as publishers consider their options in the event of a recession. Will consumers cut back on subscriptions? Will advertisers reduce their ad spend? To help answer these questions, we surveyed publishers about the strategic decisions they are confronted with right…

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Webinar Replay: The Future of Monetization

During our Dec. 7, 2022 Webinar Replay, “The Future of Monetization”, AdMonsters spoke with Ram and Adam Sadur, Head of Programmatic, SmartNews. We chatted with them about the top monetization challenges facing mobile apps, how publishers are taking control of their monetization destiny, what to expect in 2023 and more. 

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Pubs Rev Up Their Revenue Strategies

November 29, 2022 Virtual Stores Are Good As Gold CTV Ad Spend Soars in Q3 Pubs Rev Up Their Revenue Strategies Around the Water Cooler Virtual Stores Prove Themselves Data Gold Mines Although it's been around for decades, online shopping is getting a massive rebrand thanks to the metaverse and…

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ADM-NL-20221125-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters November 25, 2022   Webinar: 2023 Malvertising Preview In 2022, there was a significant decrease in forced redirects. But malicious actors are evolving their attacks. Join Confiant's Jerome Dangu, John Murphy, and Eliya Stein for an overview of the latest trends in malvertising and to hear their expert predictions…

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ADM-NL-20221118-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters November 18, 2022   Keep Watch: Malvertising Schemes Still Lurking Within Advertising Ecosystem Advertising scams have plagued the ad tech ecosystem for quite some time, but thanks to industry innovations many protections are now in place.  Read more. Pump it Up: Increase Campaign Effectiveness With Undertone's High Impact Sound…

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Purpose is Profit: Create a Sustainable Strategy

In her session, “Doing Some Good: Purpose as a Business Strategy,” at Publisher Forum Nashville, Lior Shvo from Primis highlighted how defining a greater purpose for your brand is an essential component of not only doing good for your customers and society, but also for creating and sustaining a successful…

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The Future of Monetization

1:00 PM ET Mobile monetization is ever-evolving. Shifting user expectations, privacy considerations, and tech innovations (and consolidations) are forcing app publishers to re-evaluate how they drive ad ARPDAU. In this session, Meson’s GM Ram “TK” Krishnamurthy will chat with Adam Sadur of SmartNews about challenges they’ve faced, how they’ve adapted…

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