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AdMonsters August 3, 2023   PubForum Keynote Brooke Edwards-Plant on Embracing Innate Talents to Tackle Ad Ops Brooke Edwards-Plant didn’t initially plan on a career in ad tech – when she began her professional journey, the industry was still relatively new. However, despite not studying ad ops in school, she’s…

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AdMonsters July 20, 2023   What is vCPM and How Does It Relate to Viewability? Attention metrics are gaining traction, but one fundamental aspect that continues to hold significant value for advertisers is viewability. While advertisers recognize the importance of capturing users' attention, ensuring their ads are viewable remains a…

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AMA CEO Reveals Podcasting and Ad Tech’s Seamless Future 

Sprouting from just a laptop and a little bit of code in 2015, AMA, previously known as A Million Ads, has grown into the leader in dynamic creative for digital audio advertising. And by using data to make each listener's experience more contextually-aware and personalized, they create a more compelling…

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What Is Dynamic Flooring?

Continuously establishing the right CPM floors to earn the highest revenue for your ad inventory without sacrificing fill rate is simply impossible to do manually. But it is possible to automate through dynamic flooring.

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