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OPS NY will focus on companies that are not simply reacting but seizing the opportunity to lead the way in digital. Topics to be discussed include:the evolution of agency trading desks;programmatic premium;data as a currency;mobile tracking;multi-platform digital video strategy;transforming role of social;and more.Come find out where digital advertising is headed…

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Getting Real With Remarketing

Interest-based remarketing has been available to the industry for years. Today, most marketers who’ve been using remarketing execute it wisely -- and with skill. As a single method, remarketing has practically become an industry standard.But, if you look closely, this approach appears to be a preferred performance marketing measure. At…

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Advancing Outsourced Ad Ops Efforts in India

India is one of the global leaders in the overall services outsourcing market. This is a well-established fact and outsourcing has contributed significantly to the growth in key Indian cities such as Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad since late 90s. Everyone – right from the bigger Industry players such as Microsoft,…

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Keeping Pace With Privacy Standards: Q&A With TRUSTe UK

Somehow on May 26, when the UK's version of the dreaded EU Cookie Directive came into force, the Internet did not crumble and burn to ashes. That could be partially credited to the last-minute (almost literally) addition of "implied consent" by the Information Commissioner, but many British publishers have had…

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Audience Efficiency: You Can’t Beat the Model

We’ve spent some time establishing that "Audience Efficiency" (parts 1, 2, 3 and 4) is a new, more effective way to think about audience targeting campaign strategy. So, how about some proof?In essence, audience efficiency is targeting those audiences with online behaviors likely to show the highest lift in fit…

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Where Agencies Fit in OPS

So I see you over at your big ol' holding company office on Madison Ave. thinking to yourself, "Why should I, important agency person, haul my ass to 82 Mercer on Oct. 4 for OPS? What's in it for me?"Really, the question you should be asking is, "What's not in…

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