What Happened at #OpsNY: A Tweet-by-tweet Breakdown

“A lot of changes happening around privacy should bring more dollars back to you if you’re a publisher,” – Derek Nicol, VP, Advertising Technology, CBS Interactive

“Consumers are driving the chrome road map. We’re putting the tools in their hands allowing them to make choices. They want control.” – Jason Bigler, Dir Prod Mgmnt Google Ad Manager

When AdMonster’s Ops2019 (aka #OpsNY) hit the Metropolitan Pavilion June 3-4 in NYC, attendees were treated to insights from 75+ digital media leaders, including experts in programmatic, OTT, OOH, data strategy, mobile, video, audio, AR/VR, blockchain, branded content, native advertising, and more. Some of the major themes to emerge from the two days were:

  1. Regulatory compliance equals an improved user experience. Privacy regulations are an opportunity for the advertising ecosystem to clean up its act, provide more transparency, bring dollars directly to publishers, give advertisers the results they desire and make consumers a lot more happy about their relationship with advertising.
  2. Focus on building relationships with your community. Having a direct relationship with consumers and making them happy, through relevant (and trusted) content and advertising, will be a lot better for the entire ecosystem—and for revenue too.
  3. First-party data is more important than ever. What matters most is exactly what’s collected and how it’s sliced, diced and activated to tell more enriching audience stories to advertisers for increased monetization opportunities.
  4. Creativity is a catalyst for business success. Whether we’re talking using emerging technologies, matching creative to experiences and customer expectations, or changing mindsets and practices (like developing new workflows or improving diversity in your talent pool)—creativity is a driver to change and ultimately better business.
  5. Martech and adtech need more synergy. All of the changes being driven by consumers in digital media will drive more collaboration between marketing and advertising to find solutions around identity and greater understanding consumer desires.

After the Ops photo gallery below, follow along for an insider’s look at the two days of Ops through a curated selection of tweets. You’re gonna wish you were there.

And now, on to the tweet highlights…

Programmania Keynote Megan Pagliuca, Chief Data Officer, Hearts & Sciences wants to know why publishers, agencies, brands, and tech aren’t collaborating more to push programmatic forward. She’s also a big advocate of leveraging consumer data to drive successful programmatic.


Now that Prebid has solidly been established as the standard for transparent and open sourced header bidding, how can ad ops individuals utilize this technology to regain control from third parties?


What Do Advertisers Want From Video? That was the question posed Justin Rosen, VP, Data and Research, NCC Media; Robert John Davis, Head of Digital, USA Ogilvy and Oleg Korenfeld, Global Chief Platforms Officer, Wavemaker by John Osborn Co-Founder and Business Development Lead, Turnstil. Without it, advertisers may never find scale.


A common user ID is one of the ways of increasing the value of header bidding.


In the data privacy regulation age, reevaluating data collection and targeting, audience monetization, attribution, and user experience presents both challenges…and opportunities.


Publishers devising their video advertising monetization strategy are faced with the challenges of fragmented technologies and high content production & management costs. Advertisers, on the other hand, need to ensure their video ads and branded content are meeting relevant audiences wherever they view—and in a brand-safe environment.


How can Supply chain optimization (SPO) improve monetization and transparency? It all starts with the user. Let’s bring back consumer trust.


dotdash is killing the game right now with a speedier site, fewer ads on the page and ads that are more relevant to their readers. It sounds crazy when you first think of it, but since when did quantity ever triumph over quality?


Community is key. A message heard over and over again at #OpsNY—making your customer happy is the gateway to your success.


Those pesky malvertisers posing as real advertisers are an irksome bunch for consumers, advertisers and publishers alike.


Innovation in digital media starts with adapting to change.


Why it’s better to play the game by the rules and creativity doesn’t mean dishonesty.


Will GAM ever be the platform you want and need?


Audio was built for this industry. For advertisers still holding out on advertising in audio, there’s this…


For brands, programmatic in-housing is the latest rage. Here’s why:


“Diversity means women, diversity means race, but also diversity of thought.” Alysia Borsa, Chief Marketing & Data Officer, Meredith Corporation.


Privacy regs vs Do-not-call laws…


Tying creative back to digital media and advertising isn’t as hard as you think.


Both Apple and Google will tell you that it’s all about the consumer. But, what do you think?


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