Moving to the Mobile Web

Q & A: Moving to the Mobile Web

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AdMonsters caught up this week with Elena Perez of Medialets, one of our Keynote Sponsors for AdMonsters OPS Mobile on December 7th, to discuss the recent extension of their platform to the mobile web. We asked a few questions regarding this expansion and Medialets’ hopes and predictions for the future of mobile advertising.



1. What precipitated Medialets‘ extension to the mobile web? 


Since 2008, we’ve been laser focused on in-app advertising because the environment enabled the kind of rich, compelling creative that best expresses the capabilities of mobile devices and drives unprecedented results for advertisers. In comparison, mobile web had historically been driven by static campaigns, simple ads that generated limited impact and were ultimately less compelling to those premium brands and publishers for which Medialets enables campaigns.


Thanks to the success of rich advertising in mobile apps and the advancement of HTML5 and mobile devices, mobile web has since risen to occasion, so to speak, of rich mobile advertising. We extended our platform so that enable brands, agencies and publishers could benefit from the same kind of rich, high-value advertising across both platforms. It’s an important step for one of the fundamental needs of the industry, that is, the ability to scale.


2. How will advertisers and agencies benefit from Medialets‘ new mobile web capability? 


For advertisers and agencies, we’re eliminating the need to engage two separate platforms to advertise on mobile apps and mobile web, the complexity of managing two separate relationships throughout the lifecycle of the campaign, and the challenge of interpreting two distinct sets of data for one campaign.


These efficiencies make mobile advertising more viable and cost-effective, particularly when paired with the premium inventory, rich advertising capabilities and cross-platform ad delivery and measurement, all key components of Medialets. 


3. How will Medialets experience and best practices continue to shape its mobile presence?


By starting with in-app advertising, you might say we jumped into the deep end first. The possibilities are greater, but so are the challenges. Factors unique to the app environment, such as offline usage, present a challenge for user experience and monetization – especially when you’re simply trying to adapt online technology to mobile.


Over the past three years, Medialets has dedicated significant time and resources to addressing those challenges of mobile ad delivery and campaigns. Our platform was built from the ground up with mobile in mind and so everything we do – simplifying the creation of rich ads, streamlining the processes and communications throughout the campaign lifecycle, and reducing the complexity of delivering and measuring ads to different device types – is optimized for mobile advertising.  


Now we have a considerable advantage in that we’ve already established meaningful experience in app advertising that we can apply – along with the tools and technology that support those best practices – to mobile web.


Because we jumped in the deep end first, we’re better equipped to enable success across the full spectrum of mobile display advertising.  


4. What does Medialets think the future holds for mobile advertising? 


Though mobile advertising is still a new frontier for many brands and marketers, there are increasingly more mobile-savvy marketers that have already tuned into its value and are now approaching mobile as the starting point for campaigns.


The fact is, mobile is the only medium consistently present as consumers mobile through all other media. It offers every capability – graphics, audio, video, data collection, gaming, social networking and more – afforded by digital or traditional media, it’s 100% measurable and it connects brands to the an audience that’s more inclined to make purchases. All of these attributes make mobile a logical thread for an integrated campaign, and we expect we’ll see more of that as mobile is more broadly embraced by advertisers.


5. How does Medialets see itself in this future? 


Everything we do is approached simplicity and scale in mind. Mobile is already growing at a phenomenal rate, but its also evolving in a way that presents a challenge those that want to embrace the medium but don’t live and breathe in the space. We work hard to anticipate and navigate both the opportunities and challenges of mobile advertising so that our customers can focus not on its complexity but rather on its ability to drive meaningful connection with consumers.


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