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#OPSPOV: Mobile Web Summons the Ad-Block-alypse

An attendee asked why I didn’t throw ad blocking in my recent top themes of the Charleston Publisher Forum. Truth be told, I thought ad blocking needed a dedicated #OPSPOV, especially considering the fallout from Apple’s launch of iOS9 today. As all the Apple fanboys rub their palms together in…

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Business Across Borders and Screens: How the Atlantic Built Quartz

“The world is getting smaller and more global, and more companies from small to large are doing business across borders,” says Jay Lauf, Publisher of The Atlantic’s new mobile-specific news site Quartz. “Global business professionals, almost by definition, are very mobile, very tech savvy, and very connected. They need things…

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Moving to the Mobile Web

This exclusive mobile coverage is brought to you by AdMonsters OPS Mobile. Register today for OPS Mobile, AdMonsters' mobile advertising conference, which will be held December 7, 2011 in New York.   AdMonsters caught up this week with Elena Perez of Medialets, one of our Keynote Sponsors for AdMonsters OPS…

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