Demystifying Identity

When I heard LiveRamp had brought CBSi’s programmatic chief Jason White onto its team as SVP and Head of Publishers, I thought to myself, “Nice catch.”

But I didn’t know the half of it—for years White has been looking for some kind of audience solution that would enable publishers to compete on the same plane as the walled gardens. And he found just that in LiveRamp, and was eager to become an advocate for the solution and identity in general.

When it comes to bringing publishers into the fold, though, there have been some obstacles—namely that the concepts around identity targeting and resolution cause a good deal of confusion among publisher revenue types as they weigh their post-third-party-cookie options. And if ad ops is having difficulty getting it… What will consumers think when they get wind of identity targeting?

In this wide-ranging though highly in-depth conversation, White breaks down how identity works in a highly digestible fashion. He also dives into messaging consumers, how LiveRamp helps publishers identify and increase their authenticated traffic, whether brand marketers are getting on the identity train, and how identity can help a constricting programmatic ecosystem expand once again. 

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