Bridging the Data Divide to Develop Effective Monetization Strategies

AdOps teams are data superstars, sitting on a treasure trove of information that contains rich and nuanced context. They know which ad units perform best, by format, section, industry and vertical. Some can accurately predict the ROAS advertisers can expect to see from their campaigns.

But how widely is this insight shared with the sales and ad product teams? Is your business suffering from a data divide, inhibiting a successful monetization strategy?

Share your insight in our 5-minute survey.

Your contribution to this survey will help other publishers fully understand if they have a data divide and what they need to do to close it to bring in more revenue or repeated business.

From your feedback, AdMonsters, supported by DoubleVerify, will create a Playbook that digs into how well AdOps, Sales, Product, and Analytics/BI teams collaborate and share data about sales and campaign and inventory performance to help each team be more effective at their jobs. We will also provide best practices and tips for setting up workflows and streamlining access to data to help you develop a successful monetization strategy.