Celebrating Hispanic Heritage: My Code’s Alexander Haluska on Navigating a Career in RevOps

In the bustling world of media and advertising, Alexander Haluska emerges as a shining star. As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, it’s only fitting to honor this extraordinary individual for his contributions to the industry.

Alexander, or Alex as he is affectionately known, is Senior Director of Revenue Operations at My Code, the largest multicultural media company in the U.S. enabling publishers, brands and agencies to connect with diverse audiences. 

As a marketing major in college, Haluska dreamed of landing a job akin to Mad Men’s Don Draper. The allure of advertising quickly transformed into a fascination for the intricate workings of ad tech, with a healthy dose of spreadsheets and ad tags. 

Having embraced the challenges and realizing that this unassuming path was where his talents truly shone, now he’s navigating the complex terrains of the advertising ecosystem to advocate for a more nuanced understanding of audience dynamics. By steering the industry toward a more inclusive future, Haluska is bringing to life the profound appreciation he has for the sacrifices his family made to pave the way for his future. 

Hispanic Heritage Shaping Perspective

As a second-generation immigrant born to a Mexican mother and a Spanish father, Haluska’s dual heritage instilled a strong work ethic and natural inclination to succeed. Haluska proudly identifies with his Mexican heritage, emphasizing the importance of family in his life and how the struggles his parents and grandparents endured helped shape the path for his fruitful future. 

“In Mexico, my grandparents worked on the farms, in the fields. It really helps put things into perspective,” he says, acknowledging the hard work that paved the way for his success. “It really makes me want to take full advantage of the opportunities I’ve been given knowing that they put so much work into giving me these opportunities.

In his role at My Code, Alex isn’t just managing revenue streams; he’s making a meaningful impact, he’s helping to steer the advertising industry towards a more inclusive future. “It’s less about creativity and more about making sure you’re embracing cultures,” he says. “Understanding different traditions and letting that influence seep over can help you construct better campaigns, regardless of what audience you’re trying to reach.”

For an industry that’s often critiqued for its one-dimensional portrayals, Haluska advises a different approach. In particular, he points out that the ad tech industry still has a long way to go with it comes to inclusion. “It’s blatantly obvious that things like inclusion/exclusion lists, site lists, and keyword block lists often miss the mark,” he observes. “By doing so, buyers are probably missing out on great content around different celebrations and traditions. It’s less about ingenuity and more about making sure we’re reaching audiences authentically.”

My Code’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity is evident in their projects. They collaborate with creators from diverse backgrounds to align priorities between advertisers and underrepresented communities. Hulaska takes pride in these endeavors, knowing that authentic connections can be made when brands prioritize meaningful engagement over generic targeting.

His dedication to diversity and inclusion is not limited to his professional life; it’s a personal mission. Hulaska firmly believes that “A diverse team brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas,” making it a driving force behind My Code’s success. He champions this cause both within and outside the company, advocating for equal opportunities and representation in the advertising world.

Mentors Who Ignited Growth and Advice For Freshman

On his journey through ad tech, mentors played pivotal roles. From the visionary CEO, Parker Mors, to his supportive boss, Mark Murrin, and the esteemed former president, Tony Gonzalez, he found mentors who believed in him. They didn’t shield him from challenges but rather empowered him to learn from his mistakes and actively participate in vital conversations. Their guidance and willingness to seek his input proved invaluable in his professional growth.

“I owe a lot to the three of them,” the senior director admits. “They really went out of their way to make sure I was growing in my career,” he remarks, highlighting the significance of supportive mentors.

In turn, Haluska advises incoming ad techies, “Be curious and ask questions.” He encourages seeking guidance from experienced colleagues and using available resources like YouTube, Reddit, and Slack communities to expand your knowledge. Being proactive and finding answers to problems, even when they seem elusive, can set one apart in their ad tech career. Whether it’s learning the intricacies of Excel or navigating the dynamics of a new workplace; never underestimate the power of mentors. The rev ops pro encourages freshmen to embrace challenges and learn from failures and also recommends leaning on networks, both within and outside the company, to get ahead.

Adapting to Industry Change

The advertising ecosystem has undergone remarkable transformations during Hulaska’s tenure in the industry. Technological advancements are shaping the space, from the rise of Google tools and data-driven strategies to the complex world of user identity without cookies, from advances in brand safety and attribution models to the emergence of CTV — he’s seen enough to make his head spin.

This is why he advocates for building community and fostering collaboration in the industry, making it easier to decipher the ever-expanding array of ad tech innovations and to increase the likelihood of success for all parties involved.

While Hulaska’s typical day revolves around onboarding SSPs, project execution, conducting yield analysis, refining product offerings, maximizing revenue across the portfolio, and ensuring the efficiency of processes — he has a unique ability to identify promising partnerships, nurture them, and guide them to fruition, ensuring that My Code drives results. From the initial spark of an idea to the final execution, he’s involved every step of the way. His dedication to ensuring that partnerships are not just successful but also mutually beneficial has earned him the respect and admiration of colleagues and partners alike.

A Vision for the Future

As Hispanic Heritage Month reminds us of the rich tapestry of cultures and talents that make up our society, Alex Haluska stands as a symbol of excellence. His insights into industry changes and the importance of cultural understanding serve as a valuable lesson for ad ops professionals. From a young, ambitious advertising enthusiast to a senior director overseeing multimillion-dollar revenue streams Hulaska’s course is a testament to the power of determination, hard work, and the impact of supportive mentors.