BeelerCast: To Catch An Ad Blocker

Ad Blocking may be on the decline, according to recent data from the Audience Project, but people still hate irrelevant ads. There’s got to be a way that publishers can offer users better experiences and continue to earn revenue.

Oh, wait. Here’s an idea.

Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) platform, Admiral,  has teamed up with the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) to unlock new revenue for publishers participating in the CBA’s Better Ads Experience Pilot Program.

They’re inviting publishers to participate in the pilot to adopt and leverage the Better Ads Certified designation and test revenue gains and visitor engagement from better ad experiences. And they’re offering special pilot discounts for participating publishers.

In this episode of BeelerCast, AdMonsters Advisory Board Chairman, Rob Beeler, talks with Neal Thurman (Coalition for Better Ads / Brand Safety Institute) and Dan Rua (Admiral) about their call for participation in the pilot program. They talk about ad blocking, better ad experiences and a new segment: “To Catch an Ad Blocker”.