AppLovin and Daily Yoga Collaboration Exemplifies the Importance of Partnership to Drive Revenue

Whether you want to increase your subscriber rate or diversify your content, the ad tech ecosystem is hungry to drive revenue efficiency. 

The “ad recession” forced all sides of the industry to reevaluate their business practices, and for some, that meant creating new partnerships. 

Daily Yoga experienced a slowdown in subscriber rate and challenges evaluating performance after the IOS14 update. Since the brand monetizes through its premium subscription service, it needed to gain access to audiences likely to become subscribers. Daily Yoga found a solution by utilizing AppLovin’s AppDiscovery platform. 

We chatted with Andrey Kazakov, VP of Demand at AppLovin, about the success of their partnership, the importance of user engagement, and more. 

Andrew Byrd: Daily Yoga and AppLovin created a partnership after a slowdown in subscriber acquisition. Why did you think this would be a worthwhile partnership?

Andrey Kazakov: Daily Yoga is a popular yoga teaching platform that empowers users to stay healthy with on-the-go workouts and guided meditations. This app is available on mobile phones, tablets, and TVs, and their classes serve over 60 million users across all skill levels. With the app, yogis can track their progress, participate in Daily Yoga’s community, and enjoy a selection of peaceful and serene music. 

Recommended through word of mouth, Daily Yoga began advertising on AppLovin’s AppDiscovery. AppDiscovery’s machine learning technology allowed Daily Yoga to optimize toward its most valuable down funnel event, subscriptions – despite iOS challenges. 

By acquiring subscribers at a good profit, and stable price point, Daily Yoga reached new performance heights and a sustainable scale and gained complete control and visibility into its UA profitability. On top of acquiring users that subscribe at a required rate, AppDiscovery remains a continuous source of growth as it continuously delivers new users of required quality, making it a long-term partner.

AB: User engagement is an essential part of any successful business. How did the partnership between AppLovin and Daily Yoga help improve that aspect of the daily yoga app? What new tactics did you use? 

AK: Daily Yoga saw slowing user growth with UA channels and platforms. Since Daily Yoga monetizes via its premium subscription service, they must find audiences likely to become subscribers. 

 AppDiscovery improved D0 ROAS on AppLovin by 62%, achieved 100% MoM growth, and rose US Health and Fitness rating to #16 on iOS. 

 AB: On the AppLovin website, you talk about the success of marketing on AppDiscovery. Why was this marketing tool so successful? 

AK: AppDiscovery helps developers acquire higher-quality users at the right price. AppDiscovery finds users likely to download apps with its proprietary machine learning algorithms and grow apps profitably by optimizing towards the most important metrics and goals. 

With AppDiscovery, developers can run CPP and CPE campaigns, which target based on cost and engagement-related goals. 

AB: Your partnership proved beneficial as Daily Yoga now has 60 million users. What was ONE goal that we prioritized?

AK: Using AppLovin’s AppDiscovery’s Cost Per Purchase (CPP) campaigns, Daily Yoga optimized their most valuable down funnel event, subscriptions, at a profitable, stable price. 

AB: The ad tech industry is evolving, and many companies are worried about how to reach consumers properly. What advice would you give to the industry to help engage consumers?  

 AK: Global macroeconomic changes reshape how businesses think about growth demands and create opportunities for those willing to adopt. As the mobile ecosystem evolves, advertisers will continue to get pushed to experiment with new channels to remain competitive. 

Mobile-first businesses will go beyond mobile inventory to new forms of audience reach that are novel for mobile performance, such as Connected TV. Measurement is also evolving as it takes a broader set of tools and methods – from media mix modeling to up-to-date platform support – to have a holistic view of channel portfolio performance.