Webinar Replay: Unlocking a Creative-First Approach to Social Display

While Social Display is becoming an increasingly popular ad product, most solutions merely mimic the look and feel of social platforms without adding any additional creativity or interactivity to the experience. That’s not good enough for today’s media-savvy users (or the advertisers trying to reach them). 

During our April 22, 2021 webinar, Unlocking a Creative-First Approach to Social Display, Nikki Gertner, Senior Product Manager at Celtra and our own Rob Beeler dug into why publishers should look for more functionality — whether that’s the ability to make content “shoppable” or even just build out time-saving templates — in a social ad solution.

Nikki and Rob also covered a few tips and best practices for how publisher ad teams can turn social content into a premium ad experience that entices both users and advertisers.

Celtra is a Creative Management Platform (CMP) where creative and marketing teams collaborate to design and deliver digital campaigns across the ever growing number of channels, ad formats, variations, and markets.

Key Takeways:

  • The beauty of social display is its ability to mimic the social media experience that both users and advertisers have come to expect: Gorgeous creative with rich functionality, like video, parallax scrolling, and other animations.
  • It’s all about the remix: Social posts contain high-performing assets like copy and images that advertisers are eager to repurpose.
  • Without the right tools, efforts to resize and otherwise modify social content can be time-consuming for publishers’ ad sales teams (especially teams without in-house designers).
  • “Template” doesn’t have to be a dirty word when it comes to social ad creative — in fact, using templates can help streamline workflows and give your team more time to ideate.
  • The “half-life” of social content on platforms like IG and Snapchat is short, but using templates that easily port it to the display channel can drive more engagement with that content over time.
  • Premium social display experiences feature-rich media capabilities like parallax scrolling and image transitions that encourage interaction.