#PubForum: Top 10 Tweets From AdMonsters Publisher Forum Vancouver

From August 18-21, 2019, AdMonsters hosted the Publisher Forum in Vancouver, BC—three-and-a-half days of discussion and discourse where publishers gather to gather insights about the myriad issues and opportunities in the ever-evolving world of digital media. In addition to hearing from keynote speakers about earning audience attention in an overcrowded landscape to understanding the impact 5G will have on everything, attendees also attended publisher-led sessions and workshops covering a range of topics from CTV to DOOH to the first-price and unified auctions.

Throughout the event, AdMonsters and AdMonster editors Gavin Dunaway and Lynne d Johnson, as well as attendees, tweeted key takeaways from the event using the hashtag #PubForum. To provide you with the best tweets, we started with the analytics, tapping into social intelligence tools from Unionmetrics and ExportTweet we learned who our most active tweeters were as well as who had the most impact. We also learned about overall impressions and reach for the #PubForum hashtag.



Now, let’s check out 10 of the best tweets from AdMonsters Publisher Forum Vancouver 2019.


  1. Hey, first-price auction, what gives?

  3. What’s going on with those supply paths?

  5. Puh-leeze, you don’t have 5G

  7. The waterfall ain’t flat

  9. 5G will open the door to 4IR. But alas, what lurks therein?

  11. 5G is gonna’ pull the covers off those slow-loading tags of yours

  13. This ain’t yo mama’s context

  15. It’s The Adventures in Malvertising, coming to a digital property near you

  17. Malvertisers like to dance the double down with security providers

  19. GDPR don’t fail us now (oh wait, are those feet?)