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The Legal Connection: How Ops Avoids Regulatory Pitfalls

Regulation--it’s the bane of ops’ existence. Keeping abreast of various regulations impacting the digital advertising environment is not easy: COPPA, HIPPA, VPPA, cookie laws, and so on. Do you even know what those letters represent let alone mean? Maybe the bigger question is: Where does regulation come from, and how…

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Relieving Paperwork Pain: Tips for T&C Negotiation

To my knowledge no one goes into ad operations to practice law. It was certainly the last thing on my mind when I started back in 1999, but I quickly found myself having to navigate T&Cs, IOs and the occasional client-signed PowerPoint slide printout. As if that wasn’t tough enough,…

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T’s & C’s For Our Decade

At the tail end of last year, the IAB Ad Ops Summit held a 3MS Town Hall Discussion around the implications of viewable impressions. The 3MS defines itself as “a cross-industry coalition committed to developing brand-building digital metrics and cross-platform measurement solutions.” Their major initiative at the moment is viewability,…

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