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Dear Publisher, Your Site Needs An Ad Tech Health Check

With Google’s end-of-May announcement that they will be using Google Pagespeed Insights metrics as a major part of search engine rankings a few months from now, publishers are suddenly scrutinizing page performance—and worried about how ads affect their metrics. Playwire's Nick Branstator explains how to get your ad tech healthy…

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5G Will Make Things Worse, Then Better

"I think that there’s a tendency for folks to believe that better bandwidth (as enabled by 5G) will solve all of our page-load time problems, but that’s not necessarily the case," says Marketing, Strategy, Emerging Technology & Innovation Consultant, Jeremy Lockhorn. "5G is likely to make things worse before it…

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What’s In Your Header? Server-to-Server as a Latency Cure

You can dance around it, you can equivocate, you can point out there are other factors involved. But when you break it down, you have to concede: Running multiple header bidding partners tends to increase page latency. This is a significant concern for publishers, who find themselves in a position…

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