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OpenRTB 3.0: A Question of Adoption

Particularly with the digital signature initiative Ads.cert, OpenRTB 3.0 is going to be a major leap forward for transparency and anti-fraud efforts in the programmatic space. But of course there's a catch—version 3.0 is not backwards compatible, meaning SSPs, DSPs, and other intermediaries have a lot of code re-writing on…

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Have We Reached the Limits of Ads.txt?

It's been reported this week that 1,400 mobile apps loaded ads on TV Guide's domain. How did this happen, in an age when everyone's on board with Ads.txt? Well, the answer is simple, but it's not what you want to hear: The buyers just hadn't been scanning those Ads.txt files…

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Data Clarity Will Set You Free… Eventually

Between the IAB’s OpenData initiative, the LiveRamp/AppNexus-led data consortium, and a few other long-simmering initiatives (think DigiTrust), now is a great time for anyone who’s been championing data transparency. Whether these efforts are bearing fruit—that is to say, if they’re actually translating to more utility in sharing and processing data,…

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