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Digital Strategy: At the Intersection of Anytime & Anywhere

Two central themes emerged from AdMonsters Screens held in London this past November: screens are everywhere and consumers can be reached on more than one at a time. Thanks to the proliferation of the Internet and mobile devices, the opportunity to interact with users anywhere and everywhere is totally viable…

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Football’s Latest Signing: Squawka

When I first heard about second screen companion app Squawka, I could barely contain my excitement. As a football (ahem, soccer) enthusiast, I've always been keen on the stat side of the game, and Squawka looks set to be a stat monkey's dream. I sat down with the CEO & Co-Founder, Sanjit…

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The 6 Letters Holding Back TV Everywhere

TV Everywhere- the ability to watch any televised program at any time on any device- isn’t a matter of ‘if’ anymore but rather a question of 'when' once you consider the evolving viewing habits of US consumers and the changing dynamics of the pay television business. The ‘when’ for TV Everywhere becoming a mainstream…

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