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99 Problems, and the GIF is Still One

We’ve got way more than 99 problems in digital advertising, and unfortunately, the .gif is still one. You’ve seen them: the lackluster, unanimated .gifs that crop up in place of shiny, fancy rich media (Flash) creative on your finicky, non-flash enabled devices. As these devices – let’s be honest, most…

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MRAID: A New Frontier for In-App Advertising

OMG – Have you been MRAIDed?  Sound scary? It’s not. MRAID represents a new frontier for in-app mobile advertising, especially in-app video ads.  Just want I need: another freakin’ acronym. Yeah, we’re all pretty much acroynm’ed out, but this is less about the acronym and more about what it does for us. MRAID…

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Facebook Testing Mobile Rich Media Ads

There was a fair deal of relief spread around following the announcement of Facebook's IPO yesterday. First off, investors who had been dying to get their hands on a piece of the social network's business knew their time haunting the secondary markets was almost over. But even bigger, so much…

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