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How to Address MisInformation, Ad Brand Safety Concerns, and Keep Journalistic Integrity: A Q&A with Pat LaCroix of Seekr

Pat LaCroix, EVP of Strategic Partnerships at Seekr notes that the oversaturation of disinformation fosters skepticism for both consumers and advertisers. But the rise of AI presents a potential solution to the spread of misinformation. Through natural language processing and machine learning, AI tech offers promising solutions for detecting and mitigating…

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ChatGPT Under Fire for Allegedly Violating EU Privacy Laws

AI technology is evolving much faster than regulation can control. But regulators like Italy's Data Protection Authority are working to ensure we can all reap AI's benefits while complying with data ethics. Amid their lawsuit against the NYT, OpenAI faces privacy scrutiny in Europe after a multi-month investigation into ChatGPT’s data…

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The Cost of Criticizing Meta? Termination

According to Whistleblower Aid, representing Dr. Donovan, in 2021, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative pledged $500 million over 15 years to found Kempner Institute for the Study of Natural and Artificial Intelligence at Harvard. It was the largest single contribution in the school's history. Both Chan and Zuckerberg attended Harvard.

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