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I know! Not all beacons/pixels/cookies (oh my!) are used to bilk dollars from Premium Publishers via an audience driven model. There are analytics tools that can help provide insight into traffic patterns, measurement of user frequency and in the end make a greater and more enjoyable user experience for the…

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XA.net’s New Product optim.al Helps Advertisers Create Facebook Ads More Efficiently

Today demand-side platform XA.net, Inc., announced the release of optim.al (http://optim.al), a multivariate text and image advertising optimization platform which allows clients to quickly and efficiently test thousands of ad variations via a single interface. According to the release, XA.net is participating in the Facebook Advertising API Beta program and…

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Q and A With AdMonsters OPS Presenter Universal McCann VP Mitchell Weinstein

Editor's note: This article originally appeared on DIGIDAYDaily.Mitch Weinstein is the Vice President, Director of Digital Ad Operations at UM/J3, where he oversees trafficking, reporting, and overall campaign management and implementation.  He focuses on the latest in ad serving and targeting technologies, ensuring that clients are maximizing their budgets, reaching…

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Questions for Matt Barash of Fox Audience Network

Matt Barash, Director of Publisher Development at Fox Audience Network, will be speaking at the US Network Ops Forum in San Francisco on June 17. In advance of his presentation we spoke with him about data and related techonologies.Q: Please give us a little information about your background in the…

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The Science of Display – Introduction

With this blog post, I’d like to begin a series of posts on the technology and data-science that power modern display advertising (especially at Turn, where we’ve always been at the cutting-edge of innovation in this area). We will explore why the advances we’re making in the new field of computational advertising matter…

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