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Programmatic Premium Accelerates Engagement for Ford

One of the highlights of AdMonsters' OPS Markets event in New York was a panel dedicated to the future of programmatic selling, featuring representatives from isocket, Maxifier, Varick Media Management and WebMD. The consensus seemed to be that programmatic buying has but one place to go next: premium territory.But it…

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Media Cross Media Tackles Big Data

“How many of you know what Big Data is?” asked Heidi Cohen, ClickZ columnist, adjunct NYU professor, President of Riverside Marketing Strategies and moderator of the panel discussion at the Media Cross Media (MXM) Big Data event. A decent percentage of the crowd gathered at the Corporate Tax Network’s offices…

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DataXu Goes Global – Q&A with VP of Marketing Julie Ginches

DataXu, provider of the industry’s no1 ranked DSP today (10 Jan 2012) announced that it had acquired Europe’s leading DSP platform Mexad.Read our Q&A on the thought process behind the decision and more with DataXu’s Vice President of Marketing Jule Ginches below.Rumor has it, DataXu's technology was originally developed for…

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