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Cannes You Dig It? A Cannes Lions 2019 Preview of a Sort

Marie Kondo will be at the Cannes Lions festival. That’s all you need to know. That’s all I care about. On Monday, Ms. Kondo—or MK Ultra, as I call her—will be on a panel called “Less Stuff, More Joy: Life-Changing Japanese Creativity.” She will deliver her message of reaching the…

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AT&T Draws the Battle Lines

With AT&T ready to acquire AppNexus, are the duopoly's days numbered? It's too soon to tell. But with Congress broadening ISPs' capacity to handle user data, the big telecoms are in a position to create end-to-end ad buying solutions. And, says Gavin Dunaway, that's exactly what advertisers want.

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I Went to Cannes Lions and All I Got Are These Hot Takes

The ad industry is changing, and so is Cannes Lions. With header bidding altering the way agencies do business, branded content in high demand, and GDPR doing... whatever it's doing, publishers and ops people are in the Cannes conversation more than ever. Yep, as Gavin Dunaway explains, Cannes is AdMonsters…

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