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Time for a New Ad Server

Catch the AdMonsters Professional Services (APS) team at AdMonsters' flagship event, the Publisher Forum in Palm Springs on March 4-7. Book some time with APS to discuss your latest projects and how APS may be able to help. See you in Palm Springs! So the time has come, where you think…

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Digital Fulcrum (APS) Teams Up With TagMan

  Tag management provider TagMan has found an ally in Digital Fulcrum, the company that provides the consulting muscle for AdMonsters Professional Services. Through an exclusive strategic partnership, TagMan has integrated Digital Fulcrum's Ghostwriter technology, a web performance optimization tool aimed at publishers as well as marketers. With Ghostwriter, TagMan's…

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Three Pillars of Success: Technology

  We’ve talked about the Three Pillars of Success (People, Process and Technology) at a high-level, and discussed the details of People and Process, and now need to address everyone’s favorite, Technology. Right now, there is a lot of very interesting technology available and what’s out there today has some…

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The Next Generation of Ad Ops

 Recently the AdMonsters Professional Services team – Kevin LeFew, Zach Morgan and I – had the opportunity to head down to Charlottesville, Va., to speak with a class at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. Having spent my college years at UVA (and McIntire, in particular), I jumped…

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