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Five Places Advertisers should turn “Or” into “And”

Especially in this economy, it’s clear that there are pressures on everyone in the advertising ecosystem to do more with less. This leads to advertisers (or their downstream reps, ad buying agencies) trying to figure how to allocate resources in the most effective way possible.  But some of the thinking…

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5 Questions for Jennifer Witt of Adconion

Jennifer Witt, Director of North American Ad Operations for Adconion Media Group, will be leading a session at the US Network Operations Forum on third party data providers. In advance of the conference we asked her a few questions about data collection and verification.Q: Please tell us a little bit…

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Cookie Synching

Editor's note: This article was originally posted on the Krux Digital Blog.Overview Cookies are the primary mechanism by which publishers, advertisers, ad networks, ad exchanges, demand side platforms and data exchanges store and track information about users. Cookies are domain specific — in other words, a Cookie set by domain…

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The Secret Sauce

The United Kingdom has been at the cutting edge of digital advertising for a number of years, a harbinger of technology adoption and industry growth trends across the rest of Europe and the world. This has benefits and challenges. Robust adoption rates and forward-thinking customers means greater revenue opportunities, but…

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