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ADM-NL-20220930-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters September 30, 2022   Foundry’s Evolution: The Company’s Journey From IDG to Martech Powerhouse To get the scoop on the new and evolved Foundry, AdMonsters spoke with the company’s President, Kumaran Ramanathan, about the process of the name changes and acquisitions, how the company can help bridge the gap…

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Why Publishers Need to Keep Their Ads.txt Files up to Date

Domain spoofing is still a big problem on the open web, especially for highly-ranked sites that have done an excellent job at earning the trust of their audiences. And even though ads.txt was created to thwart bad actors from performing arbitrage, domain spoofing, clickjacking and ultimately messing with legit publishers'…

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Could the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) Save Local News?; IAB Tech Lab’s Ads.txt Update Is Live; Looming Recession Equals Reduced Ad Spend

August 30, 2022 JCPA Could Bring Power Back to Pubs Looming Recession Reduces Ad Spend IAB Tech Lab's Ads.txt Updates Are Live Around the Water Cooler JCPA Might Bring Power Back to Publishers and Support the Battle for Privacy A group of bipartisan House and Senate lawmakers has taken a…

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What Is Supply Path Optimization (SPO) in Mobile?

SPO in mobile has an additional level of complexity compared to web, because ads on mobile devices are facilitated mostly through software development kits (SDKs) – and understanding the type of SDK connection can have meaningful implications to that path optimization.

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🌯 Is Ad Tech Shifty Business?

May 09, 2022 Ad Tech Vendors Caught in the Gannett Web Streaming Ad Spend on the up and up Conde Nast Sees Major Highs Did Ad Tech Firms Turn a Blind Eye To Gannett Funny Biz? Remember back in March, when we reported on Gannett providing advertisers with inaccurate information…

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ADM-NL-20220421-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters April 21, 2022   IAB Tech Lab's Ads.txt Update Illuminates the Supply Path: Q&A With VP, Product Shailley Singh This week, we were presented with a major IAB Tech Lab ads.txt update as they announced two new values for publishers to add to their ads.txt files, and both have…

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