September 30, 2022
Foundry’s Evolution: The Company’s Journey From IDG to Martech Powerhouse
To get the scoop on the new and evolved Foundry, AdMonsters spoke with the company’s President, Kumaran Ramanathan, about the process of the name changes and acquisitions, how the company can help bridge the gap between the sales and marketing teams, and his advice on how the industry should move forward in such strenuous times. Read more.
AdMonsters Playbook: How Clickbait Ad Scams are Devised & Impact Publishers' Sites
How are clickbait ads getting on sites? What is the impact of such ads on the user experience? The publisher’s brand reputation? To better understand the extent of the problem, we surveyed 148 publishers about their experiences with clickbait ads on their sites. A key goal is to understand why it occurs and whether or not publishers have the tools they need to eradicate it from their properties. Read more.
PubForum Nashville: More Speakers Announced
Have you checked out the PubForum Nashville agenda? We're adding new speakers every day. For instance, Jared Collett, Sr. Director of Ad Operations, Major League Fishing will join Omar Moukachar, Head of Commercial & Ad Operations, Choueiri Group - Digital Media Services, and Rob Beeler, Founder & CEO, Beeler.Tech to take a deep dive into the Direct Sold universe. That's a session you won't want to miss. Plus Google News is bringing news publishers to talk about how they're building sustainable digital advertising businesses and Prebid is bringing a group of folks across the ad ecosystem to talk about their experiences using SharedID. Register now!
Top Stories
Although Google has delayed their third-party cookie cut-off, there have to be new and effective ways to aggregate consumer data in an ethical manner. One of the more widely spread solutions is Alternative IDs. This medium involves identifiers that are privacy-focused and allows publishers to access first-party data that is volunteered by the consumer.  Read more.
Even though ads.txt was created to thwart bad actors from performing arbitrage, domain spoofing, clickjacking and ultimately messing with legit publishers' revenue, not maintaining your files can put you in a position to encounter those same problems you're trying to avoid. Read more.
Some U.S. marketing agencies and advertisers tend to have an insular mentality, thinking that the most significant events in the country are, by default, also the biggest across the world. This substantial and grave misconception could mean millions of lost revenue. With deep emotional attachments to every corner of the world, the World Cup is an excellent opportunity to connect with diverse audiences.  Read more.
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