P&G Earning Gold in Social Video for Olympics Commercial

Olympic fever seems to have hit every person in the world except for me. As an avid skier, I love the Winter Games, but I just can’t get into all this running and shot-putting and pole-vaulting that the summer games offer. Where’s the luge, dude? Why would I want to watch swimming when I could see speed skating. Curling, anyone?

Anyway, advertisers are hopping all over the global excitement, and digital technology companies are playing bigger roles than ever in both enhancing the viewer experience (check out Shazam’s partnership with NBC) and boosting monetization efforts.

Social video, a trend we touched on at OPS TV in New York last week (by the way, presentations and event summary now available for attendees), has already proved a winner for some advertisers marketing around the Olympics, reports Unruly Media. For those scratching their heads, social video pushes distribution through social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter by pushing activity around a video.

Based on data from its Viral Video Chart, Unruly shows Procter & Gamble is currently on target to win the goal in the social video event. Its commercial, “Best Job” – a heartstring-puller about the moms behind the athletes – has scored more than 2 million shares and 12 million views as of press time. That’s way ahead of EDF and BMW, currently pulling second and third, respectively. 

But what makes this all the more interesting is the exciting inforgraphic (yes, I did just use the word exciting to describe an infographic) Unruly has created to visualize the data. Off to the races!

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