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What Traffickers Need to Succeed

This past Thursday AdMonsters had our 2nd Ad Ops 360 event in the US. Ad Ops 360 is a special event for us because it's an extension of our training programs and instead of a room full of senior Ad Operations leaders, we have junior and middle level ad ops…

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Ad Ops and Cloud Computing

Depending on how much you work with Google applications last week, you probably found yourself unable to access them or at least hindered by how slow things operated. #googlefail as it has been called set off a flurry of articles about the potential dangers of cloud computing and reliance on…

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You Have a Late Creative Policy Whether You Like It or Not

As we've been approaching our Online Technical Forum this Thursday April 23rd at 11am EST, the response that I've received about this particular topic has been very interesting. For many, there is great interest in somehow moving the ball on this issue. For others it's a foregone conclusion that publishers…

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Nobody Told Me There’d Be Days Like These

Peter Naylor, SVP of NBC Universal referenced John Lennon's lyrics "Nobody told me there'd be days like these" during his keynote presentation at AdMonsters' 20th Publisher Forum in New Orleans last week. The fact that we are in uncharted waters certainly permeated the entire event, but everyone was focused on…

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Taking on Targeting

All advertisers want to deliver the right message to the right audience.  Agencies are looking for new and better targeting options and publishers who are creative can win their business. At eHarmony, we can target online ads based on a combination of over 260 separate demographic, psychographic and interest-based data…

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Taking on Creatives

I went to one of my traffickers to get the scoop on a major campaign that had been canceled. "Yeah," he said, "the cancellation order just came through. No reason given." I started to walk away when he said, "I knew it wasn't going to work anyway."  He then went…

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What We’ll be Talking about in 2009

The coming of a new year brings out the prognosticators in full force and there are plenty of predictions for what's coming in 2009 out there. The difference this year versus prior years is the size and degree of the disclaimers that come with these predictions. Never have I seen…

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AdMonsters reporting back from IAB Ad Ops Summit 2008

In our last update we provided some highlights from Bowen's talk at DPAC II early last week about the need for renewed and increased focus on operational excellence in online ad operations. Later in the week we attended the fourth annual IAB Ad Operations Summit, held October 30, 2008, at…

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Bowen Dwelle speaks of operational excellence at DPAC conference

Bowen Dwelle, founder and CEO of AdMonsters, spoke at the second Digital Publishing and Advertising conference (DPAC II) on Tuesday, October 27, 2008 in New York on the need for a renewed focus on operational excellence. In his presentation, "Operations Reality Check", Bowen incorporated themes from the conference: continued growth…

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