Como Vai Voce, DoubleClick Ad Exchange? Latin American Launch Q&A With Scott Spencer, Director of Product Management

Real-time programmatic buying heads to Brazil

Latin America, open your arms wide because Google is about to stuff them with a big present. At AdMonsters Brasil on April 24 in São Paulo, Google will announce the Latin American launch of the DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX), the real-time, impression-by-impression auction platform that assists ad networks, agencies and third-party technology companies drive campaign performance across millions of sites, while also enabling publishers to maximize the value of their inventory.

“We are excited to be bringing the real-time, programmatic buying to Brazil,” commented Scott Spencer, Director of Product Management for AdX and a speaker at AdMonsters Brasil. “We’ve found, in other markets, that the ability to buy and sell ads in real-time is an amazing way to improve the performance of marketers’ campaigns, increase yields for publishers, and grow the overall display pie for everyone. With the launch of the DoubleClick Ad Exchange in Brazil, we are excited to introduce this powerful platform to this vibrant and quickly growing market.”

We caught up with Scott to hear more about the Latin American launch as well as his thoughts on why this is a prime time to expand in the Brazilian digital advertising market.

Why has Google decided now is an opportune time to bring AdX into the Latin American market – Brazil in particular?

Brazil is one the largest, global economies in the world with a vibrant advertising ecosystem. In many markets, we see that consumers are switching their media consumption from offline to online, but advertising spend has not kept pace. The DoubleClick Ad Exchange allows ad networks and trading desks to leverage their audience data to reach users online. This increases the ROI for online advertising and brings the spend more in-line with where users have migrated – increasing the online advertising pie for everyone.

What is the most exciting aspect of the Brazilian digital advertising marketplace? How is it different from other markets?

The 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil present huge advertising opportunities. Events like these will give Brazilian pubs an opportunity to capture greater audience and increase their revenue. In addition, these events will attract significant advertiser interest. These events, in combination with the maturing market for online advertising represents a great opportunity where programmatic buying can really help.

What aspects are pushing ad dollars to digital marketing in Brazil?

In general, more and more consumers are spending time online. This media consumption rate is disproportionate to the amount of spend by advertiser and agencies online. Tools like programmatic buying and others allow advertisers to better target their advertising online and help brig spend in-line with consumer behaviours.

In addition, there is a massive trend towards mobile media – viewing sites or using apps on cell-phones and tablets. According to Mobile Business Briefing, Brazil reached almost 250 million mobile connections in 2011. It’s now larger than Mexico, Argentina and Columbia combined, according to Mobile World Live/Mobile Business Briefing (Feb. 17, 2012). We believe explosive growth like this will bring more ad dollars and tools like the Ad Exchange enable high-ROI advertiser spend across multiple media platforms.

What do you see as the biggest challenge currently in Brazilian digital advertising? What’s looming on the horizon?

Every market has its own nuances that can impact adoption of new technologies. For digital advertising in Brazil, one of the key challenges is bringing advertisers and inventory together. For example, there is a significant amount of online view content available in Brazil, but online video advertising spend has not caught up to it. Similarly, there is a much faster mobile adoption rate in Brazil than in many countries, and many advertisers still struggle to get a strong ROI on mobile inventory. We hope to partner with many clients in Brazil to help work through these challenges and build a vibrant advertising market.

What opportunity or opportunities are currently being missed in the Brazilian market? Do you expect that to change in the near future? Why or why not?

There are many opportunities in Brazil. One immediate opportunity is the ability to sell non-Brazilian users to international advertisers or for Brazilian advertiser to buy Brazilian consumers on non-Brazilian sites. These types of international transactions used to be hard to execute and therefore more costly than the value they produce. With technology like the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, these transactions become simple to execute.

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The Brazilian digital advertising scene is heating up – AdMonsters Brazil will bring digital advertising leaders and ops professionals together to discuss and develop best practices for the budding Brazilian online ad infrastructure. Register today for AdMonsters Brazil, which will be held April 24, 2012, in São Paulo.