Ops 2017: The Video Preview Series

There's a lot for attendees to look for at 2017's expanded version of Ops (June 5-6 in New York), and in the interim, we have something for you to look at. AdMonsters rolled out a series of preview videos earlier this week, where you can scope out what you can expect from the event. Watch and listen to these previews, featuring Ops speakers and AdMonsters staff: Larry Allen of Turner talks about how the application of data and analytics in cross-platform video can help make advertising better for consumers. Oleg Korenfeld of Mediavest | Spark suggests the digital ad industry has over-engineered and needs to come together to evaluate what we really need. Jeremy Steinberg of the Weather Company looks toward what agencies and ad tech executives need to know about AI and cognition in order to drive the future of the industry. And AdMonsters' own Rob Beeler and Gavin Dunaway explain what's on the agenda for both days of Ops, including 30-plus sessions and the alluringly titled Programmania.

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Brian LaRue has been AdMonsters' Staff Writer since the summer of 2015. He arrived at AdMonsters with several years' worth of knowledge of media and advertising tech, having written and edited on behalf of publications and tech vendors alike. Brian has been publishing steadily since high school and cut his teeth professionally at regional alt-weeklies in New England. Being involved in print in the 21st century certainly helped inspire his vocal advocacy of digital media. These days, he lives in Brooklyn, NY, where he pursues several threads of an art-damaged semi-secret life.

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