AI Digital and Sightly’s Strategic Partnership Unleashes the Key to Brand Safety

Optimize your programmatic campaigns with real-time insights, cultural relevance, and authentic responses to emerging trends.

Brands know how crucial it is to differentiate themselves and ensure brand safety, and with a new partnership on the table between AI Digital and Sightly, both are easily attainable. This new collaboration brings together each company’s buy-side tools and strengths to provide endless outcomes.

One big benefit from this partnership is that it addresses brand safety, allowing AI Digital to discern which news and content fit a marketer’s campaign best, keeping responsible journalism in mind, and resonating better with audiences. This elevates better consumer experiences and drives consumer actions.

By combining AI Digital’s programmatic expertise with Sightly’s Brand Mentality® platform-driven moments intelligence, advertisers gain access to valuable insights about consumer behavior, enabling real-time responses to emerging trends and cultural conversations.

Learn more about this collaboration from our discussion with Stephen Magli, CEO and founder of AI Digital.

Yakira Young: How does partnering with Sightly help AI Digital enhance its performance when it comes to increased data management and audience targeting?

Stephen Magli: Our interest in partnering and investing in Sightly is in the spirit of improving their Brand Mentality® platform. 

With the intelligence Sightly already provides, AI Digital can now identify more opportunities for brands to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and gain market share authentically vs. their competitors. 

To that point, we’re addressing a big brand safety element with this partnership. Many brands and clients are still operating under the assumption that all news is not brand safe. However, it’s much more nuanced than that, and Brand Mentality allows us to identify where we can resonate with audiences and the types of news that promote responsible journalism.

YY: How does the collaboration between AI Digital and Sightly benefit brands and agencies looking to optimize their programmatic campaigns?

SM: This collaboration of AI Digital and Sightly is an opportune time for brands, agencies, and marketers. Programmatic is at an inflection point where extracting value through programmatic technology has become invaluable for those who want to derive the most out of their advertising spend. 

We always seek to leverage additional insights to improve optimizations and ensure they drive client value toward their KPIs. As we head into the 2024 election and our current post-COVID reality, we can leverage Brand Mentality’s insight to coincide with cultural changes and how groups of people react to certain events and societal changes. In doing so, we can help brands optimize campaigns at today’s speed of change.

YY: Could you explain how AI Digital’s programmatic expertise and Sightly’s Brand Mentality® platform-driven moments intelligence work together to enhance advertising outcomes?

SM: Moments intelligence provides a window to dive deeper into a moment’s lifecycle and changes to consumer behavior that will inform campaign optimizations. It can provide insights into a brand’s extensive mentality profile and constant stream of news and social data to supply actionable signals for AI Digital’s programmatic experts to anticipate and respond in real-time to risks and opportunities in emerging trends and cultural conversations. Ultimately, this will lead to more relevant messaging to audiences in near real-time and improved brand and business outcomes.

YY: What advantages does Sightly’s recently patented technology bring to AI Digital as an Enterprise licensee of Brand Mentality?

SM: Acquiring an Enterprise license for Brand Mentality® was another integral factor in this investment and partnership, as its technology is unique. 

The technology within the Brand Mentality® platform codifies a brand’s DNA to respond instantly and authentically to breaking news and viral trends and ensure our clients can take advantage of emerging media moments. 

Let’s examine the current media landscape, especially with the actors’ strike and political cycle. How can brands, agencies, and marketers quickly acclimate to fast-paced changes in today’s culture that may cause audiences to shift their attention to new media or channels? 

That’s where the Brand Mentality® platform and its codified technology come into play. With that kind of marketing intelligence at our fingertips, brands, and agencies can combine speed and values without sacrificing ROI.

YY: How does the partnership between AI Digital and Sightly contribute to delivering real-time brand insights for dynamic media campaigns and strategy?

SM: Let’s use the political season as an example. During political campaigns, people can react quickly to specific events. For instance, following a speech delivered by a candidate, consumers may shift their perspective on a certain topic. Brands need to take note of such situations, as they are powerful for driving consumer sentiment and behavior. Sightly’s platform allows AI Digital to better view these changing consumer insights and adjust campaign strategies accordingly.

YY: Can you provide more information about AI Digital’s role as a programmatic consultancy and its approach to audience strategy and campaign optimization?

We’ve built AI Digital to be the leading client-centric global programmatic consultancy underpinned by the marriage of AI-driven advanced analytics and human intelligence. We believe clients deserve guidance in the programmatic space and much of the data and technology that has been designed up until this point, doesn’t serve their best interests or allow them to maximize output of their spend. In that spirit, it’s why we launched our proprietary platform, ELEVATE, earlier this year.

We designed a client-centric solution because the programmatic market needs to improve its ability to address marketer challenges and deliver real business outcomes, not media proxies. That’s why with ELEVATE, every in-campaign optimization and recommendation is in the client’s best interest. 

There is an immediate need for an optimization and measurement solution that empowers advertisers and marketers to get the most out of their digital advertising dollars in a constantly evolving programmatic marketplace. ELEVATE provides that with accountability and insights into the metrics that are most important to our client’s business.

Following that ethos of helping marketers realize the full potential of programmatic, we set out to shift the programmatic definition of success away from traditional metrics of impressions, reach, and clicks to more meaningful outcomes such as brand equity and lower funnel actions. 

Programmatic was promised to be a marketing utopia for CFOs and corporate C-suite, with greater accountability to sales/business metrics, precision audience targeting, and real-time optimization. We’re creating new ways and a higher programmatic standard for everyone to realize programmatic’s full potential and value.