AdTechGod Pod: Episode 3 With Special Guest Lynne d Johnson, AdMonsters

In the third installment of AdTechGod Pod, the host spoke with AdMonsters Content Director about the Privacy Sandbox, The Trade Desk and floor bids, ad ops’ struggles with SSPs, revenue ops career growth and advice, plus a whole lot more.

“Welcome to the world of advertising technology and the people behind it. I’m your host,” proclaimed AdTechGod, the mysterious ad tech memeographer, who has fast become an industry favorite.

It was the introduction to the third episode of his self-named podcast, where he continued to introduce his guest, “Today, I get the pleasure of speaking with Lynne d Johnson, Content Director of AdMonsters.  In this conversation, we get to meet Lynne to better understand her career growth and challenges, and some of her milestones. We’ll also explore the ever-changing landscape of ad tech and the direction we are heading in over the coming few months and years.”

Check Lynne d Johnson’s highlights below the player…

On ad ops & ad tech: Johnson reflected on her career, realizing that she had played a role in ad ops, product and even sales, despite not having a traditional background in the field. She also highlighted her Web 1.0 experience with putting ad code and tags on web pages, trafficking ads, and working with sales teams, demonstrating her versatility in the industry.

On the evolution of SSPs: Johnson expressed concern about some publishers’ concerns about the lack of data transparency in the ad tech ecosystem and their struggle with practical workflow solutions and what role SSPs could play in mitigating some of those challenges.

On the adoption of the Privacy Sandbox: Johnson talked about some publishers’ disbelief that cookies are even going away and how that might impact their decision to do the wait-and-see dance before playing around in the Privacy Sandbox.

On the evolution of CTV: They both discussed the industry trend for consolidation and how FAST was growing as a primary business model. There was also a consensus that measurement standards need to evolve sooner rather than later.

On growing a career in the industry: Johnson extolled the importance of networking and building relationships in the industry, as well as developing soft skills like communication, flexibility and resilience.

Plus so much more!!

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