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Welcome one and all to this year’s only Publisher Forum in stunning Vienna.

 We have a fantastic lineup this year across three days of insight and peer-to-peer discussions. We’ll be keeping you up to speed as best we can with the live blog so keep an eye right here and we’ll be updating as much as we can.

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And we’re off! AdMonsters President Matt O’Neill takes to the floor to introduce the day.

Matt is giving a big thank you to all our sponsors, we couldn’t do all the things we do without them.

AdMonsters’ spirit guide Rob Beeler takes to the floor to run through the agenda for the day as well as some housekeeping.

In a nutshell, laptops down, share but don’t share too much!

Our Monday morning Keynote Paul Valerio, Principal @ Method has taken to the floor for his presentation ‘The Art of Noise – Data, Patterns and Perceptions’.

“The difference between data and insight is the difference between unfiltered information and wisdom”

“Data can be too good – resulting in a useless pattern”

“As people become more skilled in a task, they are less likely to use real rational comparisons of data”

“Whos really capable of understanding of what all the new communications platforms mean, much less how to measure and value them?”

“How do we remove the noise from the data we collect, or should we?”

“Brand context method = adding instead of eliminating noise to assess brand perception more accurately” 

“TV = the last shared experience, as music, meals and mobile phones drive individual experiences versus family time”

A fascinating keynote comes to a close. Don’t forget we’re only giving you the tidbits here on the live blog – if you want the full story sign up and become a premium member and you’ll have access to all the presentations from the day. Good huh?

Next up we have the Platinum Sponsors – Boris Kurschinksi & David McMurtle from Google and DoubleClick respectively – introduced by the dashing European Editor Gautam Srivastava (pssst that’s me).

Some fascinating stats buyside/sellside, 

  • 88% of buyers plan to purchase through RTB this year
  • 74% of RTB buyers are willing to pay a premium for content
  • 64% of buyers are seeking ‘audience at scale’ via network/exchange buying
  • 79% of sellers believe direct sales will remain their top driver of growth
  • 48% of sellers will make inventory available through an RTB channel 
  • 43% of sellers using Private Exchanges say their revenue is incremental

“Many started buying Display purely down to RTB – the stats were just too good to ignore”

A show of hands suggests at least 60% of the Publishers attending are already trading in RTB.


And we’re breaking down into the half group presentations now.

Up first are Naomi and Angie from the Trader Media Group discussing The Evolution of the Sales & Ops Relationship and Petri Vatanen discussing The New Metric – Viewable Impressions.

Naomi Hahn

“The model we inherited wasn’t sustainable – we had to change, we had to educate Sales to improve monetisation and stop bad process”

Knowledge, responsibility, respect – these are the keys to improving the relationship between Sales & Ops.

Alexander-Carl Mueller is up next with his session titled ‘Towards a More Creative Future’.

“The top three ad formats in play today were created before 2002 – this needs to be updated”

 “Creativity and innovation is the key to revenue growth, engagement and deeper value partnerships”

“Be proactive.

Challenge yourself, your team, your manager, your agencies, so they challenge their clients.

Understand the content of your site, your editorial goals and plans.”

Next up we have Raz from News International discussing Private Marketplaces.

“PM’s are not for everyone but if we ignore RTB and we ignore PMs then we’re missing out on a large chunk of accesible revenue”

“If you’re having the argument with your Sales teams that PMs and RTB are cannabilising your direct Sales team – it’s just ot the case, this is budget from networks – that direct wouldn’t have otherwise seen”


Some fantastic sessions there, a big thank you to all our speakers and conference attendees.

We’re closing out the day with our partner Peter Hofbauer from the MMA Austria speaking on trends in mobile in Austria. 

“There are more business models for monetisation around tablets than mobile”

“The usage of tablet PCs mostly happens at home – rarely on the move according to our research”

“In Austria the most common method of reporting is still based on impressions – CPM, we’re heading to CPC but we’re not there yet”

That’s day one done and what a day it was. Fantastic member led sessions and some wonderful insight from our partners and sponsors. 

On to the speed dating now! 

We’ll be back tomorrow for more – hopefully you will be too.


The AdMonsters Publisher Forum is back in full swing with Rob Beeler introducing Rob Brett, Head of Data Trading & Performance Revenue for Future. 

“We as Publishers don’t just to be just on the supply side of data we want to be on the demand side too, why shouldn’t we sit on both sides?”

“What value can we add to the demand side?

  • User data
  • Behavioural data
  • Delivery data
  • Audience extension
  • Interest data
  • Prospecting data

“How best to value your data? Test segments on your own network and share segments with other Publishers”


Identify valuable data – sold out areas – prospect data 

Work with clients/agency – how can we let you access our data, and work with you

Evaluate technologies to segment data

Openess and transparency must prevail

In my opinion Publishers are in one of the strongest positions – we have data, inventory, advertiser relationships.”


Up next are our Ruby Sponsors Enreach and The Rubicon Project. I won’t be brining you their insights but we will be bringing you their presentations shortly.


Now it’s time for the deeper dive sponsorships sessions – you can’t get all their insight unless you’re here unfortunately.



And we’re up and running once again.  Rob Beeler and Matt O’Neill introduce the last day of the conference and run through some of the upcoming events – including the brand new event AdMonsters Screens set for London on November 29.


“What do MediaOcean do? We provide front office to back office solutions for agencies – any IO you’ve had recently has a good chance of having come through us”

“It used to be that every market was it’s own eco system but now there’s more of a case for a global marketplace.”

“Three trends I want to cover today, 

  • Tech moving from back to front office 
  • Publishers have more power in video
  • The efficiency/inefficieny cycle is killing us”

“The CRO of the future will come from Ad Ops/Tech and not direct sales”

Insight from one of JT’s ‘dinner colleagues’ from last night, 

“The Sales guys think i’m an engineer and the engineers think i’m in Sales – so no one likes me!” 

Knock GRP’s at your peril. It’s a core metric big marketers use to plan their annual business around.”

NBC started as a radio company, they’ve seen change before and adapted to it. We like to think of them as cumbersome giants but they’re more malleable than we give them credit for. This year NBC broadcast the Superbowl online and will do the same for the Olympics.”

“Online players use on average 6 different technologies to get a campaign live.”

It used to be that digital mocked TV’s upfront model but now we’re seeing more and more publishers trying to get in on the model”

“There are two pools of video dollars – that allocated to TV and that to digital, very few players swim in both those pools”

“There is money to be made from video – but know you won’t be taking it from TV”

And that’s JT. An amazing insightful presentation that has the AdMonsters in the room buzzing. 

JT’s full deck will be available right here so keep checking back.

Now we’re digging in to the member breakout sessions – attendees can see the notes in the sessions on the agenda below.

That’s about it from the AdMonsters Vienna Publisher Forum – Rob Beeler is wrapping up the day nicely and sharing the insights from the member breakout sessions.

Thanks for joining us here – hope you’re enjoyed the blog.

Remember the only way you can get all the insight, take part in all the discussions and keep up with Rob Beeler’s weight loss plan is to be there in 2013.

Hope to see you there!