AdMonsters Discourse: Arete’s Richard Kramer Describes Google as Publishers’ Feudal Lord

“When we think about who is vulnerable in #adtech, I’d turn the question on its head and say, ‘Who’s not?'”

I’ve been impressed by Richard Kramer, Founder of Arete Research, since I saw him spar with tech-opinion-maker-at-large Scott Galloway and suggest big tech like Google and Facebook were never going to be chopped into pieces. Richard and I have been trading emails and opinions for a while now, and he volunteered to be a guinea pig for a new audio series we’re assembling. (Contact me if at Gavin at if you have ideas!)

Enjoy this interview in which we discuss which ad tech companies will survive the pandemic fallout, how Google is becoming more dominant in the digital ad space without even trying, and why publishers’ relationship with Google is akin to serfs to a feudal lord. (And sorry for audio issues—the Internet in my apartment building has a bad case of the hiccoughs.)