Videoplaza: Announcing the official launch of our new platform at the Barcelona Publisher Forum on Tuesday

It’s only a couple of days left now. I’m always excited about going to the Admonster’s Publisher Forum and this year is no exception. In-fact, this year I’m extra excited.

Beyond the fact that the Publisher Forum is always a really nice event to be at, and that it’s this year taking place in Barcelona (one of my favorite cities) — it’s actually gonna be a big big day for me personally and Videoplaza generally on Tuesday.

The reason is that Tuesday is when we will make the biggest launch in Videoplaza history: we’re officially unveiling for the first time live on stage Videoplaza Monetizer 2.0.

We’ve spent a year rebuilding everything from scratch. We’ve used our expertise in the field of video advertising, the great feedback we’ve had from our previous version and a team quadruple the size of our original team to pull this brand new platform out of our sleeve, just in time for The Publisher Forum.

Heading the product development at Videoplaza, this is obviously a big moment for me personally and I’m really looking forward to all the feedback I expect to get from you during the event.

On Tuesday, I will share more details with you all, but you can expect thoughts and functionality around:

* Easing traffickers’ workflow for in-stream
* Solving the big big challenge of forecasting
* Enabling publishers to go creative in terms of new ad formats
* Supporting the reality of multi-platform that everybody will have to face
* Aligned with all the standards this business is finally adopting

As always, I look forward to learning from all the experts in attendance and leaving with many new and exciting idea’s. Idea’s you can expect to see turned into to hard features in future product releases. Exciting times indeed.
See you Tuesday!