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Top Themes from the IAB Ad Operations Summit

Yesterday I attended the IAB Ad Operations Summit. It was a packed house which I believe demonstrates how Ad Ops is at the forefront of revenue and top of mind for digital media companies.Here are some of my key observations and takeaways from the day:Breaking down offline vs onlineToday we…

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Q & A with AdSafe President and Co-Founder, Kent Wakeford

 AdSafe launched an ad verification platform for ad networks and publishers called the AdSafe Network Monitor®. Read the press release. We asked Kent Wakeford of AdSafe a few questions about the new product.To date “Ad-Verification” services have primarily been used by Agencies and Brands. How do you foresee this product…

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Audience Verification – What’s the Deal?

There has been a lot of buzz lately about ad verification in the digital space.  The media is writing about it, publishers and agencies are arguing about it, clients are asking questions about it, and providers are pushing it.  The IAB even recently hosted a half-day conference to address this…

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Thoughts on Last Week’s Network Ad Ops Forum

Last week, AdMonsters hosted our second EU Network Ad Ops Forum. This event is quite unique with it's focus specifically on the ad operations issues for those who manage networks. It's a new event but the attendees showed themselves to be true "monsters" diving into the discussions, sharing best practices,…

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