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Publisher Forum Sonoma: Live Blog

Ah, Sonoma! Your vineyards so lush, your sun so spicy, your breeze so cold. The Monsters have assembled and after some wine-fueled fracas on Sunday night, we're ready to roll with the Publisher Forum Sonoma agenda. First up, Brian Monahan, EVP and Managing Partner at MAGNA GLOBAL, describing the post-audience…

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A Glance At Sonoma: 29th Publisher Forum

Well, the moment is almost here, when the AdMonsters community gathers for yet another week of industry-leading discussion, networking, wine, good company, and more wine. This time around, we’ll be in Sonoma for our 29th Publisher Forum. And it’ll be a packed house at the Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort &…

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Todd Sawicki: The Start-Up Angel

Ad operations is no laughing matter. Then again, when you're in charge of bringing in the ad bucks for the Web's reigning authority on everything meme, jest in unavoidable. And, selling ad space alongside photobombs, FAILS and mischievous, bad-grammar wielding cats takes a certain kind of person – a Todd…

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