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TikTok Gets Hip to SMBs With Self-Serve Platform

What an interesting time for fast-rising TikTok to introduce a self-serve advertising platform aimed at meeting the demands of SMBs. In addition to the platform's now-famous creative capabilities, SMBs will get advanced targeting and flexible budgeting allowing for campaign pausing. Editorial Director Gavin Dunaway caught up with the TikTok collective…

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Massive Media Layoffs Are Further Fallout

There was little joy in Newsville on Friday as several major media operations announced massive layoffs. Digital-native darling BuzzFeed knocked off 15% of its staff, or around 250 jobs, while Verizon cut 7% of its media unit–800 souls from HuffPost, Yahoo and AOL. Reporters and editors took to Twitter in…

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Capturing That Elusive SMB Spend

Facebook reels from another tornado of scandals, yet their advertising business is going gangbusters. Seems weird, right? Well, no—the Duopoly thrives on small and mid-size advertisers that can't find viable alternatives in digital media. But Editorial Director Gavin Dunaway sees an opportunity to grab a slice of that pie at…

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