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TV and Beyond: Recapping London Screens 2013

Image from a sponsored Industry Panel session at this year's London Screens.Last week I chaired my last AdMonsters conference for now. It was the conference looking at the second screen, omni-screen attribution, and the multi-channel aspect of advertising.Luckily, I had a second moderator too, so the day was a little…

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The New Age of Second Screen: Enabling Interaction

Second-screen and companion viewing isn’t a new phenomenon per se. Television viewers are quite accustomed to diverting their attention throughout broadcasts. And even before the proliferation of TV companion apps such as Zeebox, Viggle and GetGlue, viewers often Googled or Wikipedia-d content pertinent to what they were watching on screen.…

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Engagement Beyond the Match: Q&A With Squawka’s Sanjit Atwal

Back in September, second-screen football companion app Squawka made headlines when BBH became a major shareholder in the nascent platform. With its real-time data visualizations for fans, the app has partnered up with brands like Gillette and Dominos among others. Prior to his presentation at AdMonsters Screens on Monday, 19…

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Is Two the Simplest Number for Interactive TV?

Interviewing Ernesto Schmitt of Zeebox for the previous Screen Grab, I was struck by what he said about media buying becoming more complicated, because of the need to identify the multiple user journeys on the second screen. What made me pause was not the idea of multiple user journeys themselves,…

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