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Begin Pondering ‘Begin-to-Render’ Impression Counting

The rendered ad future just got a bit more nuanced following proposals for new measurement standards from the IAB and MRC.During the Austin Publisher Forum in August 2016, a swath of ops professionals gathered for a breakout on an issue that was only beginning to breach the surface. Discrepancies were…

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Secret Society Debates the Future of Television Advertising

“Programmatic TV is taking longer than we thought,” says Mitch Oscar as he gestures toward a cartoon featuring a group of confused cavemen, a favorite theme of his and probably an apt analogy for most advertising professionals.The jam-packed boardroom in Turner’s offices at the Time Warner building shares a chuckle…

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#OPSPOV: Real-Time Viewability Gets Real

Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that viewability is a post-campaign metric? We can target ads based on HTML cookies in real-time, why can’t we determine whether the impression associated with that cookie is also in view, or at least has a high chance of being in…

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#OPSPOV: Pettigrew Ascends From Ops to the C-Suite

Gawker co-founder and CEO Nick Denton sent the digital media world into a tizzy Wednesday by announcing he was stepping down as president and replacing himself with a group of senior managing partners to oversee the media empire. As I scrolled through the list of the anointed, I saw one…

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