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Improving Ad Ops Efficiency through Technology

We’ve all been there; you just received the third party ad server report(s) for the campaign that, according to your ad server, has been delivering on target, only to discover that the third party report is showing under delivery.  The problem is that you’re billing the client based on their…

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Mergers, Acquisitions, and Ad Operations

The only thing that is constant in our business is change. Whether you’ve worked for a start up, or an established publisher, chances are you’ve been at one end of a merger or acquisition. If you’re lucky, the powers that be will have conducted a complete due diligence which would…

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The Secret Sauce

The United Kingdom has been at the cutting edge of digital advertising for a number of years, a harbinger of technology adoption and industry growth trends across the rest of Europe and the world. This has benefits and challenges. Robust adoption rates and forward-thinking customers means greater revenue opportunities, but…

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